TEKKEN 7 - Official New Character Teaser Trailer

22 feb 2021
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Check out the teaser trailer for a peek at a new character who will be entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament in early spring 2021.
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  • Nice scenery. The end

    Barry HerculesBarry Hercules19 minuter sedan
  • Was this made by Rush Limbaugh

    MrRamazanLale2MrRamazanLale228 minuter sedan
  • Directly looking for prime minister of poland and turnout it's a man!

    fauzi dwiadifauzi dwiadi49 minuter sedan
  • Kuuurrrwwwaaa!!!

    joenemosbarjoenemosbar54 minuter sedan
  • New r34 material

    Oreki HoutarouOreki HoutarouTimme sedan
  • Shoulda been kiryu

    DJ ThundergooseDJ ThundergooseTimme sedan
  • Wow..... So much information

    Bima Andi LahabaBima Andi LahabaTimme sedan
  • They're still updating this game? That's awesome really. But in my eyes the best part about Tekken games are license dlc characters.

    AlienAlienTimme sedan
  • Put kiryu and majima in

    Elijah BurnettElijah Burnett2 timmar sedan
  • Buff lili

    Cyto KirigawaCyto Kirigawa4 timmar sedan
  • O kurwa

    Johnny FinlandJohnny Finland4 timmar sedan
  • First Jewish character perhaps?

    EJMEJM4 timmar sedan
  • Polish, white hair, scar over left eye, not gonna lie thought she was someone else for a sec there.

    Avery McDonaldAvery McDonald4 timmar sedan
  • we dont care dead or alive 6 is better

    Kωνσταντινος ΒλαχανδρεαςKωνσταντινος Βλαχανδρεας5 timmar sedan
  • Ciri?

    Old DeveloperOld Developer6 timmar sedan
  • is it just me or every new character introduce in Tekken series is OP, but when they release another new character, the previous one will be nerfed.. talking about Fahkumram and Leroy Smith

    AdWidAdWid8 timmar sedan
  • We need Brad Hawk from Urban Reign as a dlc character, why has Bandai Namco forgotten that series?

    Carlos EsquiviaCarlos Esquivia8 timmar sedan
  • Ciri??

    Xeno 145Xeno 1459 timmar sedan
  • Who plays tekken? Shits wack

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez10 timmar sedan
  • Wow, they have a horse for a new character

    JonathanJonathan11 timmar sedan
  • Waiting for it to be severed like helena If you know you know

    Mythical EntertainmentMythical Entertainment12 timmar sedan
  • still waiting for that yakuza dude that sings dame dane

    Didin HaerudinDidin Haerudin13 timmar sedan
  • New Character: Corona

    Wallace SalatandreWallace Salatandre13 timmar sedan
  • A female Dragunov

    Hyunwhan JoeHyunwhan Joe13 timmar sedan
  • Petition to replace Dragnov with Putin.

    Abdullah DaniyalAbdullah Daniyal14 timmar sedan
  • Polish nina??!!!

    Diego AlexanderDiego Alexander14 timmar sedan
  • So no Kiryu-Chan?!

    HupCapNinjaHupCapNinja14 timmar sedan
  • This is the worst character reveal ever. Like across all platforms. Wrestling. Movies. Games.

    Jos GorJos Gor14 timmar sedan
  • Who is she

    tung tungtung tung15 timmar sedan
  • It's like Kazuma Kiryu and Silver Sable got together and that kid became the Prime Minister of Poland.

    Aaron PadillaAaron Padilla15 timmar sedan
  • Where tf is tekken 8

    VE LOSTVE LOST15 timmar sedan
  • Awesome

    shellman1 ytshellman1 yt15 timmar sedan
  • Oh No Anyway

    SoraExeSoraExe16 timmar sedan
  • When👏🏾are👏🏾we👏🏾getting👏🏾Jun?👏🏾 cause ya know, that’d be sick if she had a trailer of her just like appearing in front of Jin out of no where

    Sean FreemanSean Freeman16 timmar sedan
  • WTactualF is this?

    Daniel A. Espinoza A.Daniel A. Espinoza A.16 timmar sedan
  • Still no kiryu?

    Giga ChadGiga Chad16 timmar sedan
  • A Polish Fighter NEAT

    Gol D. LuffyGol D. Luffy16 timmar sedan
  • WTF???

    YakkunYakkun16 timmar sedan
  • I'm amazed how no one figured out that its sliver sable

    Terrence FailTerrence Fail19 timmar sedan
  • So disappointing

    abdelhak berrahalabdelhak berrahal20 timmar sedan
  • Ciri?

    Ruben CwiklenskiRuben Cwiklenski20 timmar sedan
  • Just star making Tekken 8 already

    Maxxcell HigdonMaxxcell Higdon20 timmar sedan
  • Where the double dragon brother's at that's who need to be in tekken

    Reggie collierReggie collier20 timmar sedan
  • Yes.

    AkiraAkira21 timme sedan
  • Ciri from the Witcher 3?

    nostalgiatrip1nostalgiatrip121 timme sedan
  • Ciri

    Michał RządMichał Rząd22 timmar sedan
  • Yah no one asked for this, we could have had Jinpachi ffs

    Section8dcSection8dc23 timmar sedan
  • Everyone’s gangster untill lee marries her >.....

    waris anjumwaris anjum23 timmar sedan
  • Tekken seems to want in on the action since Street Fighter has been buzzing with their latest content. Felt like they rushed and put a measly clip of whatever to keep fans in the loop.

    Anthony PeraltaAnthony PeraltaDag sedan
  • Kuma will have a new skin

    Zero ReverseZero ReverseDag sedan
  • Will tekken 7 have a graphics update for ps5 like ff7?

    joshua sarmientojoshua sarmientoDag sedan
  • This reminds me of the master roshi trailer

    Bravo Six going blueBravo Six going blueDag sedan
  • These trailers are becoming as ambiguous as the firefox logo

    Johnathan SchultzJohnathan SchultzDag sedan
  • F for my boy Kiryu

    JPZJPZDag sedan
  • Dragon of dojima?

    Jeremiah VernonJeremiah VernonDag sedan

    rico cheyrico cheyDag sedan
  • Będzie znikać jak te pieniądze z budżetu🤣🤣🤣

    Mateusz M.Mateusz M.Dag sedan
  • TEKKEN: Kurwa edition

    Gareth de VeraGareth de VeraDag sedan
  • Wow so strong cha must play

    patipan jaisamutpatipan jaisamutDag sedan
  • Can't wait for the Kim Jong In dlc after this one

    Ali MujahidAli MujahidDag sedan
  • Make tekken 8 ready gosh

    IVANIVANDag sedan
  • It's a teaser

    Eno4inokoEno4inokoDag sedan
  • Sable spiderman

    Edmarc BEdmarc BDag sedan
  • Modders taking notes, preparing the bikini mods.

    GameplayUploadedGameplayUploadedDag sedan
  • Every since CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk blunder. The Polish top brass have to fight in fighting tournaments.

    Nox BarathrumNox BarathrumDag sedan
  • Love how Tekken is continuing to give us fresh content.

    Jzon AzariJzon AzariDag sedan
    • Frozen food on oven but ending up delicious

      put this glowstick up your assput this glowstick up your assDag sedan
  • Wait...what...just happened?

    Jonathan CJonathan CDag sedan
  • Uh... ok?

    Thespectre82Thespectre82Dag sedan
  • Ciri is gonna be a guest character in Tekken 7 AWESOME!

    ZenIceHeroZenIceHeroDag sedan
  • Mortal kombat vs Tekken

    Jinn Chang YapJinn Chang YapDag sedan
  • It's KOLIN!!!! Lol

    Rand0mus_Pr1meRand0mus_Pr1meDag sedan
  • TheMainMan Depressed cuz this XD

    Antony BaharyAntony BaharyDag sedan
  • Prime minister of Poland.

    King ChrisKing ChrisDag sedan
  • Thats...it?

    Adam HarrisAdam HarrisDag sedan
  • Is it ciri?

    Jason G.Jason G.Dag sedan
  • character already looks wack hope she doesn't turn out to be some polish intended waifu

    VASUTO The Aboriginal, 666VASUTO The Aboriginal, 666Dag sedan
  • It’s Sonya Blade from street fighter!!!

    Frank MendietaFrank MendietaDag sedan
  • When are they gonna be done with this and get on with tekken 8? Setting the benchmark too high here! You'll be working overtime on reverse at this point.

    RonRonDag sedan
  • Boris Johnson approves

    Jonno CottonJonno CottonDag sedan
  • Imagine BoJo being in this game... If ur Bri'ish like me you will understand what I'm sayin mate

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoDag sedan
  • me after 0:35 : wtf was that? and try to read the title back "....teaser trailer" oh this is trailer of trailer... ok, got it.

    ariefpw05ariefpw05Dag sedan
  • Polish people must be hype for having PM in Tekken.

    Will LeWill LeDag sedan
  • Hey you know let's not release another teken let release another character

    foxrootkingfoxrootkingDag sedan
  • Very inclusive, thank you Namco.

    Gucci MayoGucci MayoDag sedan
  • Ciri

    ezelden negmezelden negmDag sedan
  • Szagy diszcz isz nie Łeed.

    MethylchloroisothiazolinoneMethylchloroisothiazolinoneDag sedan
  • 19 DLCs... what the actual eff Tekken

    Jimmy KimJimmy KimDag sedan
  • How about more capcom characters such as Evil Ryu or Shadow Chun

    icandodgebulletsicandodgebulletsDag sedan
  • Who about Georgian fight they have this fighting style called khridoli

    Mr.J ProductionsMr.J ProductionsDag sedan
  • Mushaneagrwaeshwepola....

    Miilind SwarajMiilind SwarajDag sedan
  • Angela Merkel next?

    RavenRavenDag sedan
  • this is GARBAGE! geese akuma leeroy to this!!?? random polish girl in a suit . smh! WE WANT BAEK!!

    Karl SylvainKarl Sylvain2 dagar sedan
  • Lol that was underwhelming

    Guyver JayGuyver Jay2 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully those aren't her default clothes. Otherwise she looks...boring. I'll reserve full judgment for now though.

    KingzJusterKingzJuster2 dagar sedan
  • Tekken 7 its called like that because it will take them 7 years before they consider making a new one

    LalolandaLalolanda2 dagar sedan
  • Shouldn't she be working in A shop or escort service, ha ha ha

    john paul flynnjohn paul flynn2 dagar sedan
  • Why would they even release this dud???

    grapelundgrapelund2 dagar sedan
  • The next DLC should be covered with Tramp in the White House.

    Ahmed SalahAhmed Salah2 dagar sedan
  • This felt like a teaser for another teaser

    DisplayAwayDisplayAway2 dagar sedan
  • Is that a Poland reference?!

    Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dagar sedan