Diablo 2: Resurrected - Official Reveal Trailer | BlizzConlin 2021

19 feb 2021
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The beloved classic Diablo II is coming back to life.
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  • Diablo 2 with Diablo 3 visual.... thats all... for 49.99????

    Dukhwa ChoDukhwa ChoTimme sedan
  • So, this means we have to wait a few more years for Diablo 4...

    Robin FagerströmRobin Fagerström2 timmar sedan
  • And it will probably be online only like D3.

    John SmithJohn Smith4 timmar sedan
  • WTF why not diablo 1 first?!^^

    Bulja DupeBulja Dupe8 timmar sedan
  • why is no one mentioning how the barbarian looks scuffed af

    GeejMusicGeejMusic10 timmar sedan
  • Oh Baby!!!!!

    W OosthuizenW Oosthuizen10 timmar sedan
  • Деды тут?) Это должно быть очень круто! Господи скорее...

    Сергей МакаровСергей Макаров11 timmar sedan
  • Statistically, they were bound to listen eventually.

    Kevin CKevin C12 timmar sedan
  • They should have updated the original release trailer.

    KrefixKrefix14 timmar sedan
  • nope

    Sheoze CoDSheoze CoD14 timmar sedan
  • get rid of enigma plz

    Francis DolarhydeFrancis Dolarhyde15 timmar sedan
  • Well that settled it, I'm never getting married!

    Ian DavisIan Davis16 timmar sedan
  • it feels cartoony and doesn't give off the horror vibes the OG has. it reminds me of Fable Anniversary

    Molnár RobiMolnár Robi17 timmar sedan
  • Stay a while and listen.

    hazarul izreenhazarul izreen18 timmar sedan
  • Please work. Sincerely, a generation of gamers.

    Sam HerschSam Hersch20 timmar sedan
  • Please don't mess this up like you did Warcraft 3.

    Jacob AllenJacob Allen20 timmar sedan
  • What about some love for Diablo 1? the trully OG

    Luis RodríguezLuis RodríguezDag sedan
  • Looking for clan!

    Josh AlexanderJosh AlexanderDag sedan

    Cain HolshouserCain HolshouserDag sedan
  • ayyyy welcome back Lord of Terror

    Garrison SullivanGarrison SullivanDag sedan
  • Для меня это самая ожидаемая игра, все остальное просто исчезло, не могу передать как много позитивных эмоций мне подарила эта игра в прошлом.

    Gabriel SethGabriel SethDag sedan
  • Damnit this is great, but us classic players always wanted a bigger stash!! It's not fair lod xpac gets more of a stash and we don't..! 😡 lol

    Pixel2 XlPixel2 XlDag sedan

    KremulonKremulonDag sedan
  • No switch version?

    Snapo RulesSnapo RulesDag sedan
  • There is no cow level!

    Everyday FitnessEveryday FitnessDag sedan
  • Looks like they messed with the FPS, curious how they will keep IAS etc faithful to the original under the circumstances

    SnowAtYTSnowAtYTDag sedan
  • ok but are they keeping it moddable?

    SnowAtYTSnowAtYTDag sedan

    Joe MillonziJoe MillonziDag sedan
  • Never played the original, but ADORED Reaper of Souls, so psyched for this and 4.

    Logan TeagueLogan TeagueDag sedan
  • member wc3 reforged...I member.

    arumn89arumn89Dag sedan
  • in before it's another warcraft reforged type of deal.

    Architects XIIIArchitects XIIIDag sedan
  • blizzard pls dont f.. up this im really hyped

    nie powiemnie powiemDag sedan
  • Is it really D2 if we can't bot? 👀

    Junior SJunior SDag sedan
  • Diablo 2 refund ? xD

    Broxi GarBroxi GarDag sedan
  • This looks better than Diablo 4

    Dalton vDalton vDag sedan
  • 40€ 👎

    aeraoaeraoDag sedan
  • Ojala no la caguen y le bajen la dificultad como en todos los rework de juegos antiguos, solo para que no se aburra la generacion de cristal!

    luis fernando montero mirandaluis fernando montero mirandaDag sedan
  • People who pre-order are the reason we get shitty games

    NelskyNelskyDag sedan
  • Time to Grind for that hammerdin

    dominic peckdominic peckDag sedan
  • Should've added Deckard's iconic: "Stay a while and listen"

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali2 dagar sedan
  • That Barbarian looks horrible! What happened to the mountain of muscles we used to have? WTF is this dad bod doing here?????

    Paul ShultzPaul Shultz2 dagar sedan
  • this looks 10 times better than diablo 4 and 1000 times better than diablo 3

    Tarek ChamasTarek Chamas2 dagar sedan
  • WHAT not on phones ?! madness

    Xelthia viceXelthia vice2 dagar sedan
  • "ON PC"

    HaikiMikeHaikiMike2 dagar sedan
  • What Samuel L. Jackson doing in a Paladin armor?

    SKYE CIELSKYE CIEL2 dagar sedan
  • very expensive for a remake and their current standing with their communities

    Felipe VasconcelloFelipe Vasconcello2 dagar sedan
  • Not on mobile? Doesn't Blizzard have phones?

    HoonHoon2 dagar sedan
  • Wow, Necromancer is a twin brother of Amazon? Brutal.

    Shinda-san thereShinda-san there2 dagar sedan
  • It barely looks better than the original lol

    Exile ComplexExile Complex2 dagar sedan

  • Jesus! My dreams are coming true!!!

    Vicat MauricioVicat Mauricio2 dagar sedan
  • Whoever is making this ... take my money!

    Sebastian NowakSebastian Nowak2 dagar sedan
  • Did they included the expansion?

    Sen PieSen Pie2 dagar sedan
  • Game of Milenium edition

    DanielDaniel2 dagar sedan
  • DUPED!!!

    TopaxTopax2 dagar sedan
  • Pul 4 Shako

    alphazaralphazar2 dagar sedan
  • Party please :)

    alphazaralphazar2 dagar sedan
  • Creo que qusieron enmendar sus erres

    fredy arriagafredy arriaga2 dagar sedan
  • I'm gonna No-Life this game until my PC goes up in flames.

    Veit SchrumpfVeit Schrumpf2 dagar sedan
  • Moo

    jon quidjon quid2 dagar sedan
  • Is it only for mobile 🤣

    Brother AugustineBrother Augustine2 dagar sedan
  • They should have gotten Dave Batista to model the barbarian, Nicholas Cage the necromancer, Scarlett Johanson the amazon, Olivia Munn the sorceress, Nick Nolte or Jeff Bridges the Druid and Wesley Snipes the paladin!

    Two SeasonsTwo Seasons2 dagar sedan
  • This is how Diablo 3 should have looked like...

    Kostadin AtanasovKostadin Atanasov2 dagar sedan
  • Una pregunta, se puede jugar de a 2 en co-op en consolas??

    Miguel A. BorjasMiguel A. Borjas2 dagar sedan
  • onlin

    Alman19955Alman199552 dagar sedan
  • Mephisto's voice makes me feel like there are a thousand needles in my heart.

    Kenneth ManiquisKenneth Maniquis2 dagar sedan
    • It’s the same voice????

      Kyle DrakeKyle Drake20 timmar sedan
    • :))) yeah :))) Especially in the Temple of the Zackarum.

      BlackBlackDag sedan
  • Considering the mess warcraft reforge was my expectations are low.

    Farhan MirzaFarhan Mirza2 dagar sedan
    • ... this has been reposted so much ... u are aware this is being made by a different team a more competent one

      NomnomAprovedNomnomAprovedDag sedan
  • But why no cross platform? They have done it twice now before

    Dawnbr3akerDawnbr3aker3 dagar sedan
  • esse jogo é surreal parece até sobre a minha vida morre demônIIo cobra de d2as cabeças

    Savya HalleySavya Halley3 dagar sedan
  • Gonna destroy my mouse playing this... 😂

    VivekVivek3 dagar sedan
  • Looks like they have mastered it for 2010

    Giltr0yGiltr0y3 dagar sedan
  • I opened this fully expecting the cartoonish Diablo 3 aesthetic that feels too Warcraft but I’m actually not mad

    sodumb& gomorrahsodumb& gomorrah3 dagar sedan
  • need to make this cross-platform!!

    kwang kimkwang kim3 dagar sedan
  • How old are you now?

    Setiyabudi CoolSetiyabudi Cool3 dagar sedan
  • Hard pass. To this day, I turn anti-aliasing off in games because it reminds me of D2's sacred jaggies.

    L3XANL3XAN3 dagar sedan
  • drop rates better be the same as origonal d2. don't need anyone getting geared within the first year

    GokuGoku3 dagar sedan
  • Wuuuuoooooaaahahahahaa!!!!!

    Surica-TSurica-T3 dagar sedan
  • if this is a lie it will be the last time i am betrayed

    graphics101graphics1013 dagar sedan
  • Please dont mess this up Blizzard

    ShinomiyaShinomiya3 dagar sedan
  • The only thing I just wanted to know is: the game will need the mandatory online mode?. If the game will have it. I´m out.

    La Biblioteca de JedehonLa Biblioteca de Jedehon3 dagar sedan
    • Yeah. I see that article too. But things could change at any moment with Blizzard. I hope they keep that promise.

      La Biblioteca de JedehonLa Biblioteca de Jedehon2 dagar sedan
    • No. There is an initial activation that is required, but after that you can play offline

      Zach JanssenZach Janssen2 dagar sedan
  • tbh I don't get all the don't pre-orders even if we don't pre-order a game these days people will still buy it when it comes out millions of more people so it doesn't make a difference wether we do or not do so and i mean hell people look its gameplay not from like 50 years ago

    michael jacksonmichael jackson3 dagar sedan
  • Cara muito daora, gráficos bons porém seguindo um retro

    Pedro BufolinPedro Bufolin3 dagar sedan
  • Cool, but is this coming to mobile?

    Joe LeonardJoe Leonard3 dagar sedan
  • change assasin's face into k-pop idol's face

    도구로도구로3 dagar sedan
  • Sry I have no phone

    you ryuyou ryu3 dagar sedan
  • I'm really looking forward to D2R! But! Please delete the some Runewords that make all characters use other characters' unique skills. For example, Enigma, Call to arms, Chaos, etc. Personally, I don't want D2's original concept to disappear. I enjoyed from D2 original 1.03 to 1.12(expansion set), but personally, 1.07 was the golden age of D2. After 1.10, Diablo 2's original concept seemed to disappear due to the new skill synergy systems and new Runwords. So I personally didn't like it... The developers all know when the real golden age of D2 was. After patch 1.10, many users have left.

    Jiwoo LeeJiwoo Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Exciting

    GetGoodGetGood3 dagar sedan
  • Why does the Amazon looks like Mr.Bean?

    Benjie Joe CabañogBenjie Joe Cabañog3 dagar sedan
  • i been waiting for this moment since i was 10

    Denis GrigoreDenis Grigore3 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if they outsourced this one like WC3 reforged. If they did then it belongs in the garbage.

    Neuralgiant 6Neuralgiant 63 dagar sedan
  • Anyone saying never forget wc3.. this is being done by an entirely different team, you're all dumb.

    Spiffco BotSpiffco Bot3 dagar sedan
  • for people worried after Reforged, Blizzard have the Tony Hawk remaster team working on this, chill

    Frank ThingsFrank Things3 dagar sedan
  • will i have to log into all my characters from 20 different accounts at least once a month to prevent all my stuff from popping?

    Ron WalshRon Walsh3 dagar sedan
  • everyone has their nostalgia goggles on this game wont hold up and you know im right

    Eric SpringEric Spring3 dagar sedan
  • Change Amazons face and I'll buy the game

    Remi RecluseRemi Recluse3 dagar sedan
  • i hope they make it online games like mmorpg and other online games such MU, Tantra PVP Server

    Headend OperatorHeadend Operator3 dagar sedan
  • black paladine??__)

    NikitaNikita3 dagar sedan
  • Gamer : New game? Blizzard : We don't do that here

    Piter SudimanPiter Sudiman3 dagar sedan
  • Yes, but is there no cow level?

    SexywrmSexywrm3 dagar sedan
  • А что изменилось? Графика как была гомно так и осталась.

    Андрей ЕсенинАндрей Есенин3 dagar sedan