Rainbow Six Siege: Flores Gameplay

21 feb 2021
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Check out this gameplay for Flores, the latest operator arriving in Rainbow Six Siege's latest update. Flores makes use of the RCE-Ratero Charge, a remote control RC car that detonates after a set time period.

  • One of the worst gameplays I've ever seen

    Massive Pipi dicksonMassive Pipi dickson5 timmar sedan
  • 0:25 this is scripted but you didn’t even try with this clip

    Tailcoat GamesTailcoat Games2 dagar sedan
  • He is from Argentina! I love this! Im from Argentina.

    G'eZz(Gaston)G'eZz(Gaston)2 dagar sedan
  • Flores cada vez que mata un enemigo: A casa pete.

    Emmanuel LoboEmmanuel Lobo3 dagar sedan
  • Love how you can always tell these people have never played a game in their life before, jeez.

    Megaman ScrapyardMegaman Scrapyard3 dagar sedan
  • Mozzie: laughs in australian

    NXRTH _ GH0STNXRTH _ GH0ST3 dagar sedan
  • OMG there was a k9 operator there!!! Pls ubisoft a k9 Portuguese operator!

    Kaiser TiagoKaiser Tiago3 dagar sedan
  • It be embarrassing if you didnt outrun it

    MLG NINJAMLG NINJA3 dagar sedan
  • Umm why did they show a dumb clash as it’s first victim. Use your shield that you have had up the entire round

    Viking MedicViking Medic4 dagar sedan
  • I can see this is going to get annoying very quickly. So I’m going to get ahead of the train. Ubi please nerf.

    Richard HaleRichard Hale4 dagar sedan
  • Got those León the professional glasses I see

    Grandmaster KushGrandmaster Kush4 dagar sedan
  • I am sure they took ideas for his look from Leon the professional.

    MarvinAnimationMarvinAnimation4 dagar sedan
  • team killing him every round

    eggs7565eggs75654 dagar sedan
  • Are we not going to talk about that placing animation of his gadget? CLEAN!

    Mason CrowleyMason Crowley4 dagar sedan
  • Soolking

    Lamri NorredineLamri Norredine4 dagar sedan
  • Were the defenders special aid kids?

    Memes to goMemes to go4 dagar sedan
  • Dude is diy raspberry pi youtuber turned operator of rc explosives.

    GamesMonarchGamesMonarch4 dagar sedan
  • Lookin like Matt Murdock

    NightHawk3000NightHawk30004 dagar sedan
  • Yea no might uninstall I could already see myself raging in ranked

    I don’t know Help12I don’t know Help124 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait to see Macie Jay use this operator

    Big JayBig Jay4 dagar sedan
  • This game still on a downhill every patch glade I quited longtime ago

    Brim SkiBrim Ski4 dagar sedan
  • This massive drone can jump, but twitch drone can't

    KakashiKakashi4 dagar sedan
  • Just me or are the defenders missing every shot attempting to destroy the thing

    Bevern 9Bevern 94 dagar sedan
  • I thought of this gadget so long ago. My current idea is an attack kapkan who can place a trip wire at neck height. Imma come back to this comment in 2 years

    Jack SharpJack Sharp4 dagar sedan
  • Bro I’m so excited for this my last name is literally Flores I was destined to play this op

    ExinictExinict4 dagar sedan
  • This seems like a video a channel with 13 subs would make lmao.Shitty music short gameplay no commentary.Only thing missing is an obnoxious intro

    O AO A4 dagar sedan
  • Never know raspberry pi can do that

    Difa Naufal PratamaDifa Naufal Pratama4 dagar sedan

    MaackoMaacko4 dagar sedan
  • the person playing is garbage LMAO

    bevin bertbevin bert4 dagar sedan

    Ben KearneyBen Kearney4 dagar sedan
  • That's od

    King Leo2588King Leo25884 dagar sedan
  • A game about counter terrorism that doesn't include the biggest counter terrorism unit which is the israeli yamam but does include some guy with an RC car yeah... that makes sense

    jacob blitshteinjacob blitshtein4 dagar sedan
  • Leon the professional

    Jeffrey VenturaJeffrey Ventura4 dagar sedan
  • It has a little smt for everyone

    mee momee mo5 dagar sedan
  • like I don't have enough attack operators already

    sugarpopcherrypiesugarpopcherrypie5 dagar sedan
  • Graves with sunglasses

    Fagastya PamungkasFagastya Pamungkas5 dagar sedan
  • Mute is starting to look like the best operator

    Xlilhoppy XXlilhoppy X5 dagar sedan
  • Yall need to learn how to play videogames

    xblkgardenxxblkgardenx5 dagar sedan
  • coulda have gave us that glue gun instead

    Ugly ShooterUgly Shooter5 dagar sedan
  • Leon

    Tekken95ReGTekken95ReG5 dagar sedan
  • He kinda reminds me of a Bootleg "Leon the professional " Lmaooooo

    KillaMethod TheShinobiKillaMethod TheShinobi5 dagar sedan
  • The sweats are coming

    Evan HarrisEvan Harris5 dagar sedan
  • Enemy RC XD Inbound

    Optimus22Optimus225 dagar sedan
  • The Raspberry Pi was a nice touch.

    Darragh TateDarragh Tate5 dagar sedan
  • Looks its rainbow watch what happened to this game

    Tick TockTick Tock5 dagar sedan
  • Yawn

    Smoke The BearSmoke The Bear5 dagar sedan
  • An operator with glasses and a beard and a watch cap? He seems pretty Professional. Like someone you could Leon.

    EGRJEGRJ5 dagar sedan
  • Love it

    James Flores Jr.James Flores Jr.5 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go I’m exited

    Sunnyd824Sunnyd8245 dagar sedan
  • Never put a Turkish operator never.

    John WorthyJohn Worthy5 dagar sedan
  • Atleast give some weak spot to shoot it

    ChuggingtheBlackChlorineChuggingtheBlackChlorine5 dagar sedan
  • Bored of recycled weapons

    Zayed AlmZayed Alm5 dagar sedan
  • it's raze's roomba

    Reihan AbhipradanaReihan Abhipradana5 dagar sedan
  • he looks like jake gyllenhaal

    bettercall ebbettercall eb5 dagar sedan
  • Camera users: Oh shi-BOOOM

    GrimShockGrimShock5 dagar sedan
  • Yawn sleeper game

    Apex The OriginalApex The Original5 dagar sedan
  • super dated graphics. hurt my eyes

    Spike TwoSpike Two5 dagar sedan
  • nope... I'm coming home call of duty

    herb lifeherb life5 dagar sedan
  • you guys think its gonna be overpowerd the drone or no

    Erik JimenezErik Jimenez5 dagar sedan
  • Rcxd deployed! Rcxd in your ao!

    Call Me CornCall Me Corn5 dagar sedan
  • I had this idea years ago I’m surprised they actually did it

    RyMac 117RyMac 1175 dagar sedan
    • LordHorus no, just me

      RyMac 117RyMac 117Dag sedan
    • Everyone had this idea

      LordHorusLordHorus2 dagar sedan
  • 👌👌👌👌👌

    Shreyansh's World.Shreyansh's World.5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine trying to disable a bomb and that thing is just waiting there lol

    Neoncyborg777Neoncyborg7775 dagar sedan
    • It's only 10s duration by luck

      LordHorusLordHorus2 dagar sedan
  • So he got the rcxd from cod?

    Glizzy Chungus deluxeGlizzy Chungus deluxe5 dagar sedan

    TheBreadManTheBreadMan5 dagar sedan
    • Jilvpijwiufewvorfwhuovgwefuohvhfheuwogvofwev

      TheBreadManTheBreadMan5 dagar sedan
    • Correction. He has 4😏

      Ben UpsideBen Upside5 dagar sedan
  • rainbow 6 drip

    drivinpanzersdrivinpanzers5 dagar sedan
  • Cool operator, would’ve opted for a larger healthpool of the drone instead of being bullet proof

    Jon ThomasJon Thomas5 dagar sedan
  • Can Rainbow Six please go back to grounded realism?

    WhySoSrs?WhySoSrs?5 dagar sedan
    • no

      NewSpark ••NewSpark ••18 timmar sedan
    • They left realism when we found out Michael Ironside wasn't voicing Sam

      Cross KriegCross Krieg4 dagar sedan
  • If you're a 3 armour this is going to be an infinite annoyance since you'll never be able to hide and or shoot the drone since it'll keep up with you

    Banjo CummingsBanjo Cummings5 dagar sedan
  • Mute became instant pick, he always has been my pick anyway If only they buff mute a little by making the jammer the size of a C4 it would be sick

    Victor ZhaoVictor Zhao5 dagar sedan
    • dude mute can jam literally every electric pick that the attackers might have so why would there be a need for a buff.

      Yung Bruh MKUltraYung Bruh MKUltraDag sedan
    • He can jam airjabs and claymores now though.

      Mason CrowleyMason Crowley4 dagar sedan
    • Jhen Xou i know right, if you have mozzie its like uno reverse, but i dont know if the explode still work without the remote Flores has But Mute is still top pick for the ability stop all kinds of drones and gadgets behind walls

      Victor ZhaoVictor Zhao4 dagar sedan
    • moze so you get a defensive explosive drone

      Jhen XouJhen Xou4 dagar sedan
  • LGBTQ strikes again smdh

    DA TAKE OVADA TAKE OVA5 dagar sedan
  • How is 'becomes bulletproof' even a mechanic? Siege is really going downhill now.

    Sahil PSahil P5 dagar sedan
    • Or else it would be useless lmao

      Ben UpsideBen Upside5 dagar sedan
  • Neymar pagou pra está aí... que mico

    Rodrigo SencialRodrigo Sencial5 dagar sedan
  • ""Any School College Student here......

    Saidul M249'sSaidul M249's5 dagar sedan
  • I thing is gonna be nerfed so hard. Like one bullet will take it out.

    Steve ShillingSteve Shilling5 dagar sedan
    • It would be useless then

      wcskeletonwcskeleton9 timmar sedan
  • That thing will be easy to shoot

    MiniMangoninjaMiniMangoninja5 dagar sedan
  • I can already see the problems this is going to cause lol.

    Rodney WilliamsRodney Williams5 dagar sedan
  • Where’s Mathilda tho

    Iñaki SalazarIñaki Salazar5 dagar sedan
  • "80% vai ignorar"🇧🇷 "15% vai me chamar de mendigo" "5% vai me ajudar" DEUS É FIEL

    Denilson 021Denilson 0215 dagar sedan
    • Isso mesmo, rapaz. 😉

      •Luca •Valerio••Luca •Valerio•5 dagar sedan
  • So this drone with explosives on it can just but Twitch’s can’t? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

    phillliesss92phillliesss925 dagar sedan
  • RussianBadger be like "mhmmm...I smell content."

    Idris CorvusIdris Corvus5 dagar sedan
    • Or like, every siege content creator

      Cross KriegCross Krieg4 dagar sedan
  • If I stand still, the bomb will not smell me

    Lord HumungusLord Humungus5 dagar sedan
  • maybe the coolest looking character in a game

    Mike LeivaditisMike Leivaditis5 dagar sedan
  • Stop wasting my gigabytes make a brand new game become cod now ssd card 🤦🏻‍♂️ 💰💰Don’t have that kind of money

    teddyteddy5 dagar sedan
  • Make a new game stop wasting my gigs

    teddyteddy5 dagar sedan
  • I ain’t using this LGBT Op for obvious reasons.

    MAGMALORD360MAGMALORD3605 dagar sedan
    • @Leonel Festter I literally said it 🤣.

      MAGMALORD360MAGMALORD3604 dagar sedan
    • What reason?

      Leonel FestterLeonel Festter4 dagar sedan
  • Damn bro that's crazy 😐

    DãvïdDãvïd5 dagar sedan
  • IGN? what Music Did you use?

    Dave chanDave chan5 dagar sedan
  • How does it magically "become bulletproof"?

    James BaileyJames Bailey5 dagar sedan
    • It becomes stationary too probably meaning that once it becomes armored, it cannot move so it just reinforces itself with extra layers of whatever

      Ben UpsideBen Upside5 dagar sedan
  • this looks like blackbeard type of broken

    hello lolohello lolo5 dagar sedan
  • This paired with a frost trap is imminent death

    Energy VanquishEnergy Vanquish5 dagar sedan
    • @Deathlygunn meant it in more the hypothetical situation not in use

      Energy VanquishEnergy Vanquish5 dagar sedan
    • Isn't Frost on the opposite team? So frostmat would only be useful for Team Kill

      DeathlygunnDeathlygunn5 dagar sedan
  • he actually looks like the guy from the salt bae meme

    Pixel_GeistPixel_Geist5 dagar sedan
  • The bomb comes and stop. You come closer and start shooting, blowing yourself up. Game skill at its best!

    NizmeiNizmei5 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Jasun RamboJasun Rambo5 dagar sedan
  • Wait so can it not be destroyed

    KingConor2000KingConor20005 dagar sedan
  • Revolutionary

    That Guy Over ThereThat Guy Over There5 dagar sedan
  • Heh!

    Léon The Professional ProcrastinatorLéon The Professional Procrastinator5 dagar sedan
  • HE GETS 3!!! Not just one but 3........

    Mehmet ErdemMehmet Erdem5 dagar sedan
  • Flores and Machine gun hehe

    YoshiYoshi5 dagar sedan
  • Why Ubisoft? Just why???

    SkillaWillitsSkillaWillits5 dagar sedan
  • You need aim lab buddy

    Cattiest sageCattiest sage5 dagar sedan