Overwatch 2: 55 New Details

19 feb 2021
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Overwatch 2 didn't get a release date, or word on a beta at BlizzCon 2021 - but a behind-the-scenes panel revealed a huge number of new details.

We've picked out 55 of the most exciting changes being made to Overwatch from gameplay and hero looks to new maps and modes.

  • All this stuff sounds cool, but still wish it was just dlc.

    OrangeHunterOrangeHunter10 timmar sedan
  • this just looks like what overwatch should have been

    genusgenus11 timmar sedan
  • I’m still amazed that in 2021 a team game with heavy verbal communication has both “soldier” and “sojourn”. Imagine being vs a team with both those characters and trying to call out either as a target.

    Michael BMichael BDag sedan
  • Overwatch 2? Just release new map and new skin/character lol

    min doangmin doangDag sedan
  • A 60 dollars upgrade

    holy crossholy crossDag sedan
  • Amazing work with O2 . Some ideas borrowed from wow surely ❤️

    frdxfrdxDag sedan
  • >radical departures!! >Reinhardt has two fire strikes rather than one Seriously this is just a patch for Overwatch not a new game

    Stockport SyndromeStockport SyndromeDag sedan
  • Overwatch DLC...nice to know

    yubel_uchihayubel_uchihaDag sedan
  • Anybody remember Battleborn? Dope game that got called an Overwatch clone when it really wasn't? Overwatch 2 is doing the same battle system.

    Gabriel WileyGabriel WileyDag sedan
  • Wow!

    Jason MightyJason MightyDag sedan
  • So it's just Overwatch with even more stuff stolen from Paladins and now some stuff from Borderlands too? cool, probably gonna get this when it hops into a sale.

    KeiKeiDag sedan
  • Gota say the overwatch Dev team seems passionate, and is really improving and stepping up the playing field. Love it

    The WobbinatorThe Wobbinator2 dagar sedan
  • Why is this a sequel....at most it should be like a 20 dollar DLC max if they aren’t gonna make it an update instead...

    Joshua KurianJoshua Kurian2 dagar sedan
  • This is just an updated overwatch. This screams money hungry devs man. Same abilities same costumes almost everything is the same.

    Grimace QuinnGrimace Quinn2 dagar sedan
  • This literally looks like it could have been a DLC for OW1.

    AzzamAzzam2 dagar sedan
  • im sorry for anyone who buys this game after what they did with the first game lolmoa!!!

    PortHubPortHub2 dagar sedan
  • Overwatch: Gives Reinhardt 2 firestrikes. IGN: Woah this is radical thinking

    Emerson McareeEmerson Mcaree2 dagar sedan
  • Im not hating or anything but this really just sounds like a big patch/dlc.

    RealshaunRealshaun2 dagar sedan
  • This is a weird MvM mod.

    Minecrafter 3929Minecrafter 39292 dagar sedan
  • Overwatch 2 coming out Rule 34 artist : my time has come.

    Frds MaliqueFrds Malique2 dagar sedan
    • Blizzard : No....

      Bruh BoyBruh BoyDag sedan
  • Overwatch 1.5

    ScorchedHam117ScorchedHam1172 dagar sedan
  • Now all it needs is. Hero customization, not skins :p

    Frank CastleFrank Castle2 dagar sedan
  • A beater?

    Mack MillettMack Millett2 dagar sedan
  • What if there was an offline splitscreen co-op mode?! I'd enjoy it!

    Ntaj YajNtaj Yaj2 dagar sedan
  • Doesn't bother me if it's a 2022 release, the presentation got me massively excited for Overwatch 2.

    Macho FantasticoMacho Fantastico2 dagar sedan
  • Mercy main 5:03 “don’t give us hope”

    Alex C.Alex C.3 dagar sedan
  • Will talents be used in PVP? If not then it seems kind of pointless

    Kyle PollackKyle Pollack3 dagar sedan
  • Heard so many repeated things in this video... could've condensed it into 20 new details instead of 55. All about the hype and views I suppose? Lol

    sasukeisepicsasukeisepic4 dagar sedan
  • The role passive thing actually sounds great

    Roberto NomeRoberto Nome4 dagar sedan
  • Feels lik titanfall when it comes to how they made the story by having the first game not any storyline campaign

    Sam FisherSam Fisher4 dagar sedan
    • Titanfall 1 has a multiplayer campaign.

      Firemaker125Firemaker125Dag sedan

    ??????????????????????4 dagar sedan
  • Soldier 76 looking more like Old Man Cyke everyday.

    OUTLAW By Blood, NOT RelationOUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation4 dagar sedan
  • The game might actually have some promise... Until it gets pushed as an MLG/Competitive game and then everyone sticks with the same strat while Heroes can still be one-shot. IT'S A PVP GAME, HEROES SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GET ONE SHOT UNLESS IT'S FROM AN ULT.

    Ritz MalheurRitz Malheur4 dagar sedan
  • Overwatch meets Destiny meets Diablo, but overall not bad :)

    Amer AlMutawaAmer AlMutawa4 dagar sedan
  • The things they should have added that they have removed from the original to make it simplistic. Now they know Complexity adds dynamic to the game. I can finally put grenades on reaper.

    Jar SpiralJar Spiral4 dagar sedan
  • Basically just overwatch 1 if it still got updated.

    HakuraiHakurai4 dagar sedan
  • Still not convincing enough for me to buy a whole other game

    Boots McgeeBoots Mcgee4 dagar sedan
  • Im failing to see where this couldnt be an expansion to Overwatch 1?

    Indigenous & SoberIndigenous & Sober4 dagar sedan

    Song QinSong Qin4 dagar sedan
  • 100 years without new content, new content drops in: 2 new maps and a single character

    Helgan PlayHelgan Play4 dagar sedan
  • Shut up and take my money

    XCQ _0XCQ _04 dagar sedan
  • It needs to hurry up and release. Games are so boring atm

    DNZDNZ4 dagar sedan
  • Looks like they are trying to go for Game of The Year again lol.

    Julio JohnsonJulio Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Matias ArancibiaMatias Arancibia4 dagar sedan
  • Bastions skill point now makes him a attack helicopter

    krispkrisp4 dagar sedan
  • If it has a story mode/campaign, then I’m most likely gonna get it. Otherwise, hardddd pass.

    DiamondDiamond4 dagar sedan
  • Keep those thighs as they are Blizzard, YOU HEAR ME

    Gerry GarciaGerry Garcia4 dagar sedan
  • The biggest 😉 upgrade I see is that they made Tracer thick again. Don't think us deviants didn't notice lol

    Calvin RichardsCalvin Richards4 dagar sedan
  • gg reinhard is already op...

    Anony mousAnony mous4 dagar sedan
  • Overwatch 1.5

    BedirhanBedirhan4 dagar sedan
  • Will it have Cross-Platform play?

    Mr. BMr. B4 dagar sedan
  • The breacher is just sentry buster from Tf2.

    DemoniacDemoniac4 dagar sedan
  • If i am being honest, i expected half of this stuff in the original. But i am excited for the stuff i didnt see coming. 1) the weather change is really cool 2) night and day change is nice 3) payload going off the regular path will be interesting 4) I like the idea of passives, but the tank one is a keeper for me. Half the reason the game is so ult heavy is because tanks get hit so often. This will help. I'm worried about 3 things. First: they said hero missions will have "light story elements". i hope its not too light. if its filler nonsense that nobody cares about they might as well not do it. second: definitely AI. I hope PvE runs smoothly because it feels like they are really going in on it for the story mode, hopefully they take their time with it. Third: balance. In the original overwatch, almost every new hero they added messed up the balance big time (i think the only character who was perfect out the gate was... ashe maybe?) That needs to happen less often for christ sake.

    cLoud unDerWeathercLoud unDerWeather5 dagar sedan
  • it looks so similar, its so hard to get hyped over this

    Keewee tvKeewee tv5 dagar sedan
  • All this emphasis on PvE that people will get bored of in a couple days.

  • Almost like they should’ve put more pve in the first game...

    J0J0 THE B0B0J0J0 THE B0B05 dagar sedan
  • Did they get rid of that skull 💀 after you kill someone

    Daytrex ZDaytrex Z5 dagar sedan
  • It’s just the same game.

    Flynn KilbyFlynn Kilby5 dagar sedan
  • the guns rework are basically what cs go set as the basics all those years ago

    The DrunkenGodThe DrunkenGod5 dagar sedan
  • The same game 2: The sequel

    Manuel GarridoManuel Garrido5 dagar sedan
  • It looks like they finally know what features they want. It looks like they might have a new mmo in the distant future that will finally replace wow too.

    Brian RuffBrian Ruff5 dagar sedan
  • Destiny 3 looks nice

    zak chehwanzak chehwan5 dagar sedan
  • Gimme those talent trees!

    BubblebuddyBubblebuddy5 dagar sedan
  • I'm hyped to kill some robots running the full juggernaut build on Rein

    Seasquirrel 10Seasquirrel 105 dagar sedan
  • XD paladins es mucho mejor pero me compraré este aver qué tal está se ve aburrido

    eduardo mezaeduardo meza5 dagar sedan
    • paladins is really dead compared to ow lmao

      Ye YawYe Yaw4 dagar sedan
  • If you're going to talk about the new sounds, you should go ahead and include them in the video.

    Cristobal GarcesCristobal Garces5 dagar sedan
  • This is like garden warfare if you think about it. You have to level up to unlock new abilities in a pvp. These two games are my fav games of all time so I hope this is a ripper

  • Most excited for a release date.

  • looks bad

    my emailmy email5 dagar sedan
  • 5:40 cool. neat.

    R BAS3LR BAS3L5 dagar sedan
  • So instead of releasing a major update, they released it as a new game. Clever move.

    Muhammed Bera KoçMuhammed Bera Koç5 dagar sedan
  • Can someone recap whats actually different from Overwatch 1 for a PvP player? Everything seems the same besides some balance/passives?

    OmfgACrocodileOmfgACrocodile5 dagar sedan
  • Wow...what IGN calls radical thinking around PVP is literally just a patch...hilarious how blind people are to this game sometimes.

    John ColesJohn Coles5 dagar sedan
  • Double Grenade Launchers for Junkrat oh hell yeah boeeeh (5:07)

    Lehti PihviLehti Pihvi5 dagar sedan
  • Honestly all these extra mechanics like tank/dps/healer passives just seem like random extra mechanics that they're throwing in to differentiate OW2 from OW. Are they necessary? Doesnt seem like it. They're just going to impede the balance of the game. This really feels more like OW1.5. I have a strong feeling that all these random bells and whistles are going to bog down the crisp and streamlined experience that OW offers.

    Jacob BadoJacob Bado5 dagar sedan
    • We've been asking for these passive on the forums for a while now. I for one am excited to see that healers have a way to save themselves when they do their jobs. Tanks feel like tanks with passive that match their heavy strong appearance. Notice I don't mention DPS because I have become so accustomed to playing support and tank that I never play that role. The game is trying to distinct itself from it's predecessor. Rightfully so, the community was worried that Overwatch 2 would be a rehash of Overwatch completely. It's nice to see and hear they're changing a lot aspects of the game from the design, mechanics and map elements.

      Bob StamosBob Stamos5 dagar sedan
  • Seems fun but they are really gonna need more than 1 new hero to get me to buy the game again

    ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ5 dagar sedan
  • When they first announced it, it looked like a DLC. But now, tbh it looks like a whole new game.

    GencoGenco5 dagar sedan
  • this reminds me of plants vs zombies, and pvz2

    Liam O'KeeffeLiam O'Keeffe5 dagar sedan
  • $60 DLC, Amazing

    JoHnJoHn5 dagar sedan
  • Looks pretty cool!

    Hjalle ByssHjalle Byss5 dagar sedan
  • Overwatch 2: Paladins inspired 😏

    Katleho MotakeKatleho Motake5 dagar sedan
  • if roadhogs not in this im gonna cry

    Smells_like_meme_spirit_Smells_like_meme_spirit_5 dagar sedan
  • Overwatch 2 : Reused Editor

    GintamaGintama5 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else notice on one of the NYC signs it say hero of my storm junkenstein?

    Noah HaymanNoah Hayman5 dagar sedan
  • The multiplayer looks like an update I can purchase idk why they even included it instead of just making it pve only

    Jaguar765Jaguar7655 dagar sedan
  • I dont see how theyre going to make overwatch 1 compatible with this game when theyre adding so much to the pvp.

    Fug70Fug705 dagar sedan
  • I see they are trying to include paladins-type character customization. Interesting.

    Muhammad WingateMuhammad Wingate5 dagar sedan
  • I thought OW2 was a meme until this video, I'm actually feeling some hype

    EvanEvan5 dagar sedan
  • What a joke. Let's rehash all of OW with new skins. This is about to flop

    hazeofthegreensmokehazeofthegreensmoke5 dagar sedan
  • I'm starting to think that ow2 won't be available for last gen consoles

    Felipe SVFelipe SV5 dagar sedan

    тєα mєdjíтєα mєdjí5 dagar sedan
  • yet Graphics still the same? how crap is that

    patrick bestpatrick best5 dagar sedan
  • 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    mbeuguelmbeuguel5 dagar sedan
  • This is Blizzard we're talking about. They are going to under deliver... again.

    Jack JenkinsJack Jenkins5 dagar sedan
    • @Ye Yaw Unfortunately, that is very true.

      Jack JenkinsJack Jenkins4 dagar sedan
    • most games have been under delivering now

      Ye YawYe Yaw4 dagar sedan
  • seems intresting

    Trap LegendTrap Legend5 dagar sedan
  • Im very happy I made the right choice, I've stoped playing the game since 2018, overwatch 2 and diablo 2 diablo 2 resurrected are just money grabing schemes. Ow 2 its just an expansion like the one you see in wow, they brag ow2 is a new game, but who are they lying? same maps, same characters. Diablo 2 already had a great comunity with mods, free.

    andi andreiandi andrei5 dagar sedan
  • Do skins transfer if not no buy

    WipsCoolSenWipsCoolSen5 dagar sedan
  • pp hard

    Deadprez101Deadprez1015 dagar sedan
  • How did they managed to make the HUD uglier?

    Roger CoppettiRoger Coppetti5 dagar sedan
  • They forgot to change the graphics though

    X ServX Serv5 dagar sedan