The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross - Official Anniversary Trailer

19 feb 2021
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The mobile RPG celebrates its one year anniversary with two-month events featuring a new character, a special recipe event, new items, The One Festival special mission, the Demonic Beast Graeon special boss battle, and more. Check out the trailer for a look at what to expect.
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  • 0:50 *Look at this, this is better then the real scene from Seven deadly sins s3.*

    Lawrence GuilaranLawrence Guilaran3 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack or music being used in the trailer?

    korniceman3000korniceman30005 dagar sedan
  • ah, i kinda figured this would be a mobile game from the phrase "for free" alone.

    amazo88amazo885 dagar sedan
  • Dead game already.

    Dr SpriinkDr Spriink5 dagar sedan
  • At the most desperate time, netmarble decided to ask the mighty IGN for help

    HUNKHUNK5 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see even IGN recognize Grand Cross for the gem it is

    Aspare - Grand CrossAspare - Grand Cross6 dagar sedan
  • I got the game in Japanese before it came out for NA. Should I restart on the NA version?

    Nicolas GodinNicolas Godin6 dagar sedan
    • yes this is probably the best time to make new accounts

      gerardray123gerardray1234 dagar sedan
  • This game overheats my phone so I'll pass

    CyberPoolCyberPool6 dagar sedan
  • I only clicked because of escanor

    rasheed daleyrasheed daley6 dagar sedan
  • Hey ! Remember when theyre about to release assault mode meliodas first before the one escanor and right after they drop sariel and tarmiel? Yeah glad they listen to the players for a change 😂😂😂

  • Omg this anime is garbage

    Fearless 512Fearless 5127 dagar sedan
  • 0:51 :0

    Rokudo DamazaRokudo Damaza7 dagar sedan
  • *”WHO DECIDED THAT?”* ☀️☝️🦁

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson7 dagar sedan
  • Its always crashing

    KINGhotaru11KINGhotaru117 dagar sedan
  • The One Escanor would of been a cool free gift but noooooooooooope

    Ox_True Protagonist Chris Redfield_XoOx_True Protagonist Chris Redfield_Xo7 dagar sedan
  • ign review this amazing

    SKY SWAGSKY SWAG7 dagar sedan
  • Lets go love this game played it since launch week

    CriTical Ace360CriTical Ace3607 dagar sedan
  • Hey I play this

    DgripperDgripper7 dagar sedan
  • I'm still mad this game has better animation than the last season

    Decoven JonesDecoven Jones7 dagar sedan
  • Best mobile game

    Gabe NGabe N7 dagar sedan

    Wally SmartWally Smart7 dagar sedan
    • Do they know about it tho :0

      Yash ParkhiYash Parkhi6 dagar sedan
  • Literally one of the only mobile games I’ve played over the past year

    BlueRocket PlaysBlueRocket Plays7 dagar sedan
  • IGN? wut?

    Jinxelin ValentJinxelin Valent7 dagar sedan
  • ESCANOR!!!!!!!!

    Lord MetalliumLord Metallium7 dagar sedan
  • IGN promoting grand cross what the 🔥🔥🔥 let's goooooo

    David LomeliDavid Lomeli7 dagar sedan
  • I agree I can't stop playing this game It's too addictive

    Brutus BrodyBrutus Brody7 dagar sedan
  • Just finished playing PVP in this game. As soon as I go on SEworld IGN uploads about it lol. It’s a great game, it’s the only mobile game I think is worth your time

    Rainbow Ho-OhRainbow Ho-Oh7 dagar sedan
  • And I thought it was S5...

    LoveInHellLoveInHell7 dagar sedan
  • Wtf 😂 never would I had thought IGN would post anything about Grand Cross

    GrayZoGrayZo7 dagar sedan
  • Noice

    The media flixThe media flix7 dagar sedan
  • IGN posting about GC global 😳

    JahcoinsJahcoins7 dagar sedan
    • Grand cross??! It's 7ds

      Dale MacarenaDale Macarena7 dagar sedan
  • the real 7ds anime will be put to shame by this game version , the animations and story cut scenes are so much better than the original anime , maybe they can learn from the game team . But 7ds global dev people needs to support f2p and not just whales !!

    AkashAkash7 dagar sedan
  • Lmao I'm surprised IGN is promoting grand cross now.

    Vegito BlueVegito Blue7 dagar sedan
    • Exactly what Im saying, its weird

      GrayZoGrayZo7 dagar sedan
    • @Rainbow Ho-Oh i agree it really does

      Vegito BlueVegito Blue7 dagar sedan
    • Feels weird tbh

      Rainbow Ho-OhRainbow Ho-Oh7 dagar sedan
  • Funny how 2nd anniversary is nearby and they will be link so 🤷 this is nothing compare to jp

    BLACK GOKUBLACK GOKU7 dagar sedan

    ꧁༺Dokkan Dust༻꧂꧁༺Dokkan Dust༻꧂7 dagar sedan
  • When are we getting a fairy tale collab?

    EnKidu The Sin-slaying BeastEnKidu The Sin-slaying Beast7 dagar sedan
  • The amnesia stories are ridiculous I think everyone has suffered with it

    Truth HurtsTruth Hurts7 dagar sedan
  • 20 dollar costumes

    GodRelicGodRelic7 dagar sedan
    • @GodRelic just buy em over time, only time theres a rush to buy them is when the costumes are limited

      eddie 437eddie 4373 dagar sedan
    • @eddie 437 Yeah but each piece costs 30 gems making it 90 gems for the entire costume.

      GodRelicGodRelic3 dagar sedan
    • U can literally buy them right after tho

      eddie 437eddie 4373 dagar sedan
  • Who would have thought a Mobile game would give us a better Escanor vs Meliodas then the anime

    TheSamirEzzTheSamirEzz7 dagar sedan
    • @Mexican Joker True, we waited quite a while, for the 3rd season too that fight should've have been top tier, shame they had to swap studios...

      TheSamirEzzTheSamirEzz7 dagar sedan
    • Seriously, what the hell were they thinking when they lazily decided to cheap out on the animation? It was so bad that I decided to completely drop the anime all together & honestly I have no interest whatsoever to watch it anymore because of the terrible animation. I could somewhat understand when that happens with weekly anime, but to do that to a seasonal series... that's completely unacceptable.

      Mexican JokerMexican Joker7 dagar sedan
  • This is honestly one of the best mobile games I played in a minute. I do recommend this.

    Mr. PistachMr. Pistach7 dagar sedan
    • @Mr. Pistach Dude money rules the game darkskin even made a whole video beating me

      K HartK Hart7 dagar sedan
    • Not interested.

      randomnobody playthroughrandomnobody playthrough7 dagar sedan
    • @K Hart As I said… I didn’t have to put any money in this game because you don’t have to. There are ways to get everything. But yes the end game get hard though.

      Mr. PistachMr. Pistach7 dagar sedan
    • @Mr. Pistach I was in the end game and pvp was toxic as hell, you definitely need to spend to do well there.

      K HartK Hart7 dagar sedan
    • @K Hart Bro I haven’t put a DIME into this game. You will get a lot of resources in the end game TRUST ME.

      Mr. PistachMr. Pistach7 dagar sedan
  • iam playing this game since day 1 and i enjoy it a lot

    Dark MagicianDark Magician7 dagar sedan
  • I might have to redownload this just cause the anni is on my birthday

    Eddie AbrahanteEddie Abrahante7 dagar sedan
  • Oh damn, i thought it was the new season. This is lame.

    JP TruthJP Truth7 dagar sedan
    • @Sin Thats an understatement

      people are simple mindedpeople are simple minded7 dagar sedan
    • @JP Truth you're a moron

      SinSin7 dagar sedan
    • @JP Truththat’s on Netflix. The newest season is airing right now dude.. it’s weekly like every other anime on crucnchyroll but it becomes big when netflix adds it with dub

      Se3ker 018Se3ker 0187 dagar sedan
    • @Se3ker 018 no its not, its been out for months, already saw it, therefore its the old season

      JP TruthJP Truth7 dagar sedan
    • The new season is already out and airing

      Se3ker 018Se3ker 0187 dagar sedan
  • Im waiting on a new Seven Deadly Sins console game.

    FairyDeadlySins WilliamsFairyDeadlySins Williams7 dagar sedan
    • @DARTH BUMPTY yeah, most anime games are better on mobile which is kinda off sad

      Vegeta 1818Vegeta 18187 dagar sedan
    • This game is better than the console game anyways

    • Yeah they made the first one to early, same with both the Black Clover console and mobile games

      Eddie AbrahanteEddie Abrahante7 dagar sedan
  • Tha one

    Jason MxJason Mx7 dagar sedan
  • The manga really ruined King’s look. I hope that Elvis haircut never sees the light of day.

    • he has it in the anime

      DonDoffyDonDoffy7 dagar sedan
    • I thought it looked cool

      Lūthér HölâyèãhméLūthér Hölâyèãhmé7 dagar sedan
    • He looked badass to me

      StarzyStarzy7 dagar sedan
  • No come jokes here lol

    Mastered UI RosèMastered UI Rosè7 dagar sedan
  • I love this anime !!

    Ice KingIce King7 dagar sedan
    • Howdy! (This is actually an informal greeting that is short for “How do you do?”)

      Millie Cauich See my ChannelMillie Cauich See my Channel7 dagar sedan

    RetroStingray - Grand CrossRetroStingray - Grand Cross7 dagar sedan
  • ☀️ ☝️

    Bob KysBob Kys7 dagar sedan
  • ew, put Mobile Game in the title so we know not to click on this garbage.

    Boom StickBoom Stick7 dagar sedan
    • @Boom Stick Doesn't have to say mobile game. Thats my point. It says the name in the thumbnail, so look up 7ds with Grand Cross after it and you would've saved yourself some trouble of watching this video and having this conversation 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Eddie AbrahanteEddie Abrahante7 dagar sedan
    • @Lord Deathx played Cyberpunk on PS5, one of the best games last year.

      Boom StickBoom Stick7 dagar sedan
    • @Eddie Abrahante I don't see the word mobile in the name...

      Boom StickBoom Stick7 dagar sedan
    • @M R it’s so true it hurts

      Rainbow Ho-OhRainbow Ho-Oh7 dagar sedan
    • @Lord Deathx whoa now, i wouldn't go that far lol but 7DSGC is better than some console games like the Fairy Tail one fot example..

      Eddie AbrahanteEddie Abrahante7 dagar sedan
  • sir meliodas?

    Hurt LockerHurt Locker7 dagar sedan
    • @Yash Parkhi lol

      Hurt LockerHurt Locker6 dagar sedan
    • @Hurt Locker Accha hai kabhi ek Yash nahi mila jise anime pasand hai 😂

      Yash ParkhiYash Parkhi6 dagar sedan
    • @Yash Parkhi naam bhi yash he hai mera bhai 😂

      Hurt LockerHurt Locker6 dagar sedan
    • @Hurt Locker wait u know Hindi? U from India?

      Yash ParkhiYash Parkhi6 dagar sedan
    • @Yash Parkhi lol bhai 😂

      Hurt LockerHurt Locker6 dagar sedan