Watch Dogs Legion: 9 Minutes of Co-Op PC Gameplay

22 feb 2021
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Check out 9 minutes of Watch Dogs Legion's upcoming online mode, in which four hackers take on a few missions.
The online cooperative Watch Dogs Legion mode drops on March 9th.

  • looks worse than the division 2

    markmark2 dagar sedan
  • People need aiden pieces dlc game already die soon.

    God Galaxy ExpostionGod Galaxy Expostion3 dagar sedan
  • Wasted 60$ on this piece of crap 💩

    KenzioKenzio3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone on Xbox and wants to play with me

    IDRXP 546IDRXP 5463 dagar sedan
  • The jank is strong in this game.

    Robert HarrisRobert Harris4 dagar sedan
  • 1:05 the best moment

    Khoirul AnwarKhoirul Anwar4 dagar sedan
    • ???

      Coconut HeadCoconut HeadDag sedan
  • the face hugger cameo

    dvxAznxvbdvxAznxvb4 dagar sedan
  • The people playing it are just awful

    Alioune da RosaAlioune da Rosa4 dagar sedan
  • I can't even be bothered to finish the story. Forgot i even had this game.

    Beelzebub 666Beelzebub 6664 dagar sedan
  • Ubisoft games

    Agent RiotAgent Riot4 dagar sedan
  • Watch Dogs 2 was a great game. This...

    NITORONITORO4 dagar sedan
  • This is far better than cyberpunk ...

    JayJay4 dagar sedan
    • Underrated game, I agree.

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
  • Don’t let it distract with the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson4 dagar sedan
  • Havr they fixed the auto update system? Cause damn I missed like 20hrs of gameplay cause of it. So i had to drop the game

    Sam RoSam Ro4 dagar sedan
  • I feel like the ppl they get to play these demos or show off certain gameplay just aren't the right fit. It just seems like some random person playing and really doesn't know what they are doing. It's off putting to show certain gameplay and the gameplay just seems to miss the mark a lot.

    GotDayum_GamingGotDayum_Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • Un poco cutre

    3LSTICH3LSTICH4 dagar sedan
  • Please release Aiden and Wrench first!

    Sub ZeroSub Zero4 dagar sedan
    • They could at the same time there almost done noth

      Coconut HeadCoconut HeadDag sedan
  • When’s online comin out? Me and my best bud have been waiting awhile for it. Do any of you guys know?

    ReedDaHomieReedDaHomie4 dagar sedan
    • March 9th

      ÖzkanAbiÖzkanAbi4 dagar sedan
    • March 4th

      Douglas DillinghamDouglas Dillingham4 dagar sedan
  • Hmmmm ok that is for the online mod but any news about WATCH DOGS : BLOOD LINES's DLC?

    hejshsh jejehehhejshsh jejeheh4 dagar sedan
    • Comes out when this is out

      Coconut HeadCoconut HeadDag sedan
  • Yeah, I'm still not buying this game.

    Ghost FireGhost Fire4 dagar sedan
    • @Lugent yea those people are so naiv to be honest...

      noobi masternoobi master2 timmar sedan
    • @the YoungSavage who cares!

      LugentLugent2 dagar sedan
    • Agreed, Same here.

      the YoungSavagethe YoungSavage2 dagar sedan
    • @Bryan Do you know how much work it takes to create the idea of this game, having the ability to recruit pretty much all pedestrians is alot of work I can imagine, so I would expect the game to not meet all possible expectations, from what you describe seems like you want a perfect game, cause all the work put into this game it is definitely worth $60 especially if half a** games like Cyberpunk 2077 is.

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
    • @Lugent the content in the game was so little and repetitive to justify a $60 price tag. The voice acting is horrible and they say the same thing every mission. Being able to recruit anyone in the world doesn’t matter when you can finish every mission with the same 2 operatives. I liked it but it’s not worth over $30

      BryanBryan3 dagar sedan
  • If only the first game could become like this, I would definitely buy it from there.

    Kiss My Ass DickheadKiss My Ass Dickhead4 dagar sedan
  • Now I gotta start playing again 😂

    TheBlackGamesManTheBlackGamesMan4 dagar sedan
  • I’m excited for this, kinda disappointed you can’t use your single player characters though.

    Mr. ShneeblieMr. Shneeblie4 dagar sedan
    • You can?

      SwaggyTJM33 MatthewsSwaggyTJM33 MatthewsDag sedan
    • Yes you can, where did you think you couldn’t?

      Hutchinson FilmsHutchinson Films4 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think this is gonna excuse it’s flaws........ It’s value has dropped 50%

    Ahsoka SkywalkerAhsoka Skywalker4 dagar sedan

    Ghhtfhgth GnjhgfhjkmyGhhtfhgth Gnjhgfhjkmy4 dagar sedan
    • @Cruzer WD2 parkour/Free Running

      Attention Leonn!Attention Leonn!4 dagar sedan
    • @Attention Leonn! what parkour you are talking about lmao

      CruzerCruzer4 dagar sedan
    • Yeah best watch dogs for sure

      Andy Cruz ATXAndy Cruz ATX4 dagar sedan
    • It’s the best watch dogs in terms of hacking and parkour and free running So I would definitely recommend it!! Story is solid as well !

      Attention Leonn!Attention Leonn!4 dagar sedan
  • This game is still a boring shitshow

    Sasquatch VirginiaSasquatch Virginia5 dagar sedan
  • I forgot i have this game(xbox one collecting dust)

    ChevifierChevifier5 dagar sedan
  • Ubisoft: Yooooo play our broken game, IGN

    Jake ScottJake Scott5 dagar sedan
    • @Malik J. Quinton IKR, Cyberbug 2077 is turd.

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
    • @Jake Scott lmfao, yeah you’re trolling for sure

      Malik J. QuintonMalik J. Quinton4 dagar sedan
    • @Malik J. Quinton oh for sure. Cyberpunk is more polished than a Ferrari in a car show room

      Jake ScottJake Scott4 dagar sedan
    • @Jake Scott So you’re just one of those that think a game stays the same way? I bet you think Cyberpunk is more polished than Legion lmfao

      Malik J. QuintonMalik J. Quinton4 dagar sedan
    • I been playing finished games

      Jake ScottJake Scott4 dagar sedan
  • The co-op mechanic ruins the stealth mechanic in this game. Create seperate big settlements where co-op is not OP.

    jelle verhofstadjelle verhofstad5 dagar sedan
  • The spiderbot movement is zo cool. Really loved it to use the spiderbot

    jelle verhofstadjelle verhofstad5 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I'm just curious about cross play, I mean it makes sense for a game where the pvp are specific casual modes where you can play casual,and the online open world is co op so please consider putting this in the game at some point

    elan plotkinelan plotkin5 dagar sedan
    • Multiplayer isn't really casual anymore these days. Even casual players are try hards to the max

      error_404error_4044 dagar sedan
  • generic : the game 🤢💩

    Felipe ZorziFelipe Zorzi5 dagar sedan
    • Lol play it then say that again

      noobi masternoobi master3 dagar sedan
  • 1:28 I felt that pain.

    ArdenArden5 dagar sedan
  • Meh

    bob snowbob snow5 dagar sedan
  • One of the most boring ubisoft games. This company doesn't understand the concept of innovation

    Cristi DenisCristi Denis5 dagar sedan
  • looks cool

    Wolf-Link AmiiboWolf-Link Amiibo5 dagar sedan
  • GhostDogs : Wild Legion

    Ray PalmerRay Palmer5 dagar sedan
    • @Black Superman Not to you!

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
    • Not at all

      Black SupermanBlack Superman4 dagar sedan
  • Don't let it distract with the fact that mr krabs sold spongebob's soul for 62 cents

    Sithu zawSithu zaw5 dagar sedan
  • I would really like a more focused map for Ubisoft games than just large open world of nothing. It's just getting more and more tedious to play these games. Not a dig at ubisoft, i really do appreciate their games but the maps are getting unnecessarily huge and it kills the immersion and the want to explore with similar quests filling all of the map

    Phantom ThiefPhantom Thief5 dagar sedan
    • I agree but wd legion definitely isn't an example of that? I loved that this game felt more like old ubi, no grinding, a dense world full of mini puzzles and stuff that you could get to know.

      Titular HeroTitular Hero5 dagar sedan
  • Dead game

    Tard WranglerTard Wrangler5 dagar sedan
  • "80% vai ignorar" "15% vai me chamar de mendigo" "5% vai me ajudar" DEUS É FIEL

    Denilson 021Denilson 0215 dagar sedan
  • So much stuff is coming out in March This JL Snyder Cut Godzilla vs Kong Mortal Kombat Hawkeye (If anyone is actually playing the Avengers game)

    arbknight12arbknight125 dagar sedan
    • @arbknight12 I dont know but its amazing

      comebacks are coolcomebacks are cool4 dagar sedan
    • @comebacks are cool why is that though? Why is March so jam-packed?

      arbknight12arbknight124 dagar sedan
    • Invincible,pacific rim the black and my hero acedemia season 5 (if we talk about new series)

      comebacks are coolcomebacks are cool4 dagar sedan
  • Seems boring

    Bastien WestBastien West5 dagar sedan
  • I remember when all the game review channels were criticising the release date of watch dogs legion and how it’s gonna compete with cyberpunk and now it seems like a way better game to play and it’s now about to release a multiplayer mode, Ubisoft diff.

    Ruhan MalliRuhan Malli5 dagar sedan
    • And there is still denying people out there that will argue you down defending Cyberpunk 2077 over Legions.

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
  • Instead of fixing all the glitches they've added the option to have a friend experience them with you. It's not a bug, it's a feature right?

    Luke WarmLuke Warm5 dagar sedan
    • @Ion Side avengers is worse

      Angry NiggaAngry Nigga4 dagar sedan
    • @Javier S. Not worse than cyberpunk no, mercifully.

      Luke WarmLuke Warm5 dagar sedan
    • @Javier S. There's no game in the planet which is worse than cyberpunk fam.

      Ion SideIon Side5 dagar sedan
    • @BIRDBONES i’m sorry bro but that’s pretty funny

      HYFRxHYFRx5 dagar sedan
    • @Luke Warm Worse than Cyberpunk?

      Javier S.Javier S.5 dagar sedan
  • This game gonna be free for the next 4-5 years

    ZedddZeddd5 dagar sedan
    • @BC is that really shittyy game that people even don't want when it will become free 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

      Anshul SinghAnshul SinghDag sedan
    • @Anshul Singh to be honest, i don't wanna WD Legion even if it is free 😂

      BCBC3 dagar sedan
    • @BC that's make sence after they will bring watch dog 5 or 6 they will make it free. 😂

      Anshul SinghAnshul Singh3 dagar sedan
    • And in the next few months it’s gonna go on sale for like $10 prolly, heck I think a month after launch it went on sale for $45 already

      PugIGuessPugIGuess4 dagar sedan
    • @Anshul Singh well, i have almost all of ubisofts games except for AC from the ps4 generation, and i spend 3 dollars in all of them

      BCBC4 dagar sedan
  • Hig the Like Button If you're Big Fan of Watch Dogs

    Think Even TechThink Even Tech5 dagar sedan
  • Who plays these games ? Blind people?

    deathslingdeathsling5 dagar sedan
  • Do people still give damn about this game?

    Mr AlphaMr Alpha5 dagar sedan
    • @Felipe Zorzi if your 5 maybe yea kid 😂😂😂

      S J91S J915 dagar sedan
    • @S J91 way more fun than this game for sure 😂

      Felipe ZorziFelipe Zorzi5 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Wolf-Link AmiiboWolf-Link Amiibo5 dagar sedan
    • Do people still watch lame cartoons like dbz

      S J91S J915 dagar sedan
  • this looks fun, i cant wait to try it with friends! i think it's funny how watchdogs turned out better than cyberpunk. Ubisoft is known for making buggy games but they pulled through on this one

    BlackLiuKangBlackLiuKang5 dagar sedan
    • I'm sorry, have you actually played Cyberpunk or are you jumping on the hate wagon because its cool? This game is fun but it's still a complete mess. And don't get me started on the dreadful storyline and insufferable voice acting...

      RossRoss5 dagar sedan
    • Lol you need to know about other games then..

      Felipe ZorziFelipe Zorzi5 dagar sedan
    • I got 20 hours out of Watchdogs: Legion before I lost my save to corruption. It was just as bad as Cyberpunk was, but everyone expected it to be so it didn't hit as hard. How video games got to the point where a bug free game is a selling feature is beyond me.

      Aegis KayAegis Kay5 dagar sedan
    • Well... Tell me what kind of bug brooo ? Is it so annoying or not

      GANDUNG 007GANDUNG 0075 dagar sedan
    • Being better than cyberpunk is a _very_ low bar.

      Luke WarmLuke Warm5 dagar sedan
  • Game looks terrible. And boring.

    DEViLDEViL5 dagar sedan
    • @Mcgeezaks What does no one even mean? and like I said Cyberpunk is currently worst game even Marvel Avengers is on Psn, I think you Cyber2077 knights should be the last one talking about what is bland lol. Dead Ai in cyberpunk 2077, yes Legions have better Ai, so that is just one of many things Legions got right over Cyberbug 2077. It's a joke of a game.

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
    • @Lugent There is no hate train for Legion because it was never a popular game to begin with and therefore no one's talking about it. And I've actually played through Legion and it's one of the blandest and mediocre games ever made. Probably because their peasant machine couldn't run it, works perfectly fine on my PC though. Still waiting for reasons how Legion as an actual game is better in any way tho

      McgeezaksMcgeezaks3 dagar sedan
    • @Mcgeezaks You're on the Legion's hate train, if you don't think Legions have done anything better than Cyberpunk than I suggest you to Ask Sony why is Legions still in their store while Cyberpunk 2077 isn't ;)

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
    • @Lugent Yall are just on the cyberpunk hate train because that's what's cool right now lmao There's not a single thing Legion does better than CP2077.

      McgeezaksMcgeezaks3 dagar sedan
    • @Mcgeezaks You can't be serious

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
  • And this tech isn't there in the year 2077?

    Nakul AnejaNakul Aneja5 dagar sedan
    • @Bilrockstar Yeah the "Tech" that crashes the game lmao. Watchdogs legion is a better stable game than Cyberbug 2077.

      LugentLugent3 dagar sedan
    • Huh gta san and reas had a jet pack I

      YASHasvi ddYASHasvi dd4 dagar sedan
    • In 2077 you are the tech

      BilrockstarBilrockstar4 dagar sedan
  • That spider scared me in the beginning

    GothicBumpGothicBump5 dagar sedan
  • Multiplayer titles like this are about to out-do single player campaigns at Ubisoft by a large margin. Will be interesting to follow.

    Marc CisnerosMarc Cisneros5 dagar sedan
  • This game sux

    Batu HanBatu Han5 dagar sedan
  • Curious how this all works together

    Craig StewartCraig Stewart5 dagar sedan
  • İnterestingg 🤔

    Emir KocaEmir Koca5 dagar sedan
  • Interesting game

    noahnoah5 dagar sedan
  • I'm so early

    Shadow_GohShadow_Goh5 dagar sedan
    • @noobi master I didnt ask

      Shadow_GohShadow_Goh3 dagar sedan
    • @Craig Stewart I didnt ask

      Shadow_GohShadow_Goh3 dagar sedan
    • @Shadow_Goh no one asked

      Craig StewartCraig Stewart3 dagar sedan
    • @Shadow_Goh no one cares

      noobi masternoobi master3 dagar sedan
    • @Craig Stewart lol this is my first, first comment I expected this lmao

      Shadow_GohShadow_Goh5 dagar sedan