Watch Dogs: Legion Online Co-Op Preview

22 feb 2021
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We've been hands-on with Watch Dogs Legion's upcoming online mode to test out its fun co-operative hacker missions with three friends.
If you're looking to become a Dedsec cyber warrior along with your friends, then Watch Dogs Legion online might just be for you and arrives on March 9th.

  • Thank you so much Ubisoft

    Imran MiahImran Miah3 timmar sedan
  • So where the pvp action

    Itz-_- KocaineItz-_- Kocaine12 timmar sedan
  • Are you able to use the characters you actually purchased in multiplayer? Thats my biggest question cause if not then thats a bit bull in my opinion.

    Halo3939Halo393916 timmar sedan
  • cant play on xbox

    John BrownJohn Brown16 timmar sedan
  • Well I'm trying to play but it wouldn't let me play anybody else having this problem 2021 March 26

    dark shadowdark shadow21 timme sedan
  • Me : *sees a watch dogs online update* *Instantly clicks it*

    Sgbx Games And StuffSgbx Games And StuffDag sedan
  • Cant wait to play this for a week

    LeoCasioLeoCasioDag sedan
  • Where’s our 60 FPS option?

    Line of KronacLine of KronacDag sedan
  • This game needs a 60fps mode!

    DennisDennis2 dagar sedan
  • *Your connection to ubisoft server has been lost* *ubisoft error code angry-cauliflower*

    XxDELFROxXXxDELFROxX2 dagar sedan
  • Can u buy guns yet smh

    Just AdZJust AdZ2 dagar sedan
  • Now be careful ign u might have to shoot so maybe u need a assist mode to shoot for u

    Cashbanucita 00Cashbanucita 003 dagar sedan
  • I wish gta 5 story had this.

    Felix MartinezFelix Martinez3 dagar sedan
  • Bout time

    Darrell WorthyDarrell Worthy3 dagar sedan
  • 4 Friends only?!

    Louis BrowneLouis Browne3 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait to see the army if grannies and grandads👩‍🦳🧓

    Lxst GalaxyLxst Galaxy3 dagar sedan
  • Can't hip fire blind fire look sick.

    God Galaxy ExpostionGod Galaxy Expostion3 dagar sedan
  • Can I play with friends on Xbox and PlayStation

    Ahmad WilsonAhmad Wilson3 dagar sedan
    • @The Best Thank you

      Ahmad WilsonAhmad Wilson2 dagar sedan
    • Yeah they've said it's cross platform.

      The BestThe Best2 dagar sedan
  • There are cross platform to xbox one and play 4????. Please

    Giovy RaimondoGiovy Raimondo3 dagar sedan
  • Idc about missions what about the pvp like watch dogs 2

    TSA _ronnieTSA _ronnie3 dagar sedan
    • More pvp mode options will be coming later down the line they stated this months ago. But for now the spider bots is the only pvp at the moment

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • @Kickbakk Shut up and stop spreading misinformation.

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • Aint no PVP, this game aint built for that.

      KickbakkKickbakk3 dagar sedan
  • About time

    M.R MoviesM.R Movies3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone at Xbox he wants to play with me

    IDRXP 546IDRXP 5463 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know if the co-op will be available for only two players as well?

    Joel ContrerasJoel Contreras4 dagar sedan
    • I don’t know but it’s either a automatic match making with your friend and or it would be a private session Idk though

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • Dead game

    Arafat Sifat • 69 years agoArafat Sifat • 69 years ago4 dagar sedan
    • @TMD-W true

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
    • @Heals People just love to hate because it's a trend

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • I don’t really understand this comment if it’s dead then why are you watching the vid?

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • i can see ppl yelling it robot fighting time already

    dayzproplay345 daydayzproplay345 day4 dagar sedan
  • i hope there is actual human pvp

    Jacob Potts-loretoJacob Potts-loreto4 dagar sedan
  • None of my friends own the game and made it abundantly clear they have no intention of buying it. I assume the same can be said for the vast majority of people, who at this point have forgotten this game even exists

    Tales MaldonadoTales Maldonado4 dagar sedan
  • Is there free roam

    PianoAlfiePianoAlfie4 dagar sedan
    • It’s like other watch dogs games so yes

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • would anyone be down to play with me ? 😖

    baddiebaddie4 dagar sedan
    • @baddie yup i accepted it

      HealsHeals2 dagar sedan
    • @Heals ok i sent a fq

      baddiebaddie3 dagar sedan
    • @baddie Ight bet I’m pretty sure my psn is potato-dude783

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
    • @Heals ye ofc 👍🏽

      baddiebaddie3 dagar sedan
    • Shii I’m down if your mature and In high school

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • Kinda feel like It's gonna die out pretty quickly

    Agent Donut007Agent Donut0074 dagar sedan
  • Can we play as albion and cleanse the deadsec fools?

    feebas ufeebas u4 dagar sedan
  • free roam would be enough for me It would be fun getting chased by a spy car

    BricksTVBricksTV4 dagar sedan
    • @xKingBx that's the fun part

      BricksTVBricksTV3 dagar sedan
    • Spy car can blow you up very quick

      xKingBxxKingBx3 dagar sedan
  • Will there be freeroam

    DanielDarragh16 is OPDanielDarragh16 is OP4 dagar sedan
    • @Heals nah just wondering :/

      DanielDarragh16 is OPDanielDarragh16 is OP3 dagar sedan
    • Why wouldn’t there? It’s like the other games

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • Is this free roam

    The gaming DinosaurThe gaming Dinosaur4 dagar sedan
    • I answered three of these already. yes their is there was even a snapshot

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • How does the matchmaking work?

    Guichard BeltonGuichard Belton4 dagar sedan
  • If you don't use the energy base guns Albion isn't a problem two or three shots to head they die but if u want to recruit them then yea the energy guns are a better chose.

    Golden BoiGolden Boi4 dagar sedan
  • I forgot this game exists

    SynthWaveSCSynthWaveSC4 dagar sedan
  • So is the main campaign playable with other players? Or is the multiplayer campaign a whole different thing?

    ac relentlessac relentless4 dagar sedan
    • Online has it's own mission. I dont think you can play the campaign with friends.

      Clayton BarkeyClayton Barkey4 dagar sedan
  • the game was decent with hard and permadeath, not sure about no permadeath in the online mode

    Trent PiccicaccoTrent Piccicacco4 dagar sedan
  • Watch Dogs: "Legions".

    Vin HillVin Hill4 dagar sedan
  • NOPE!

    XziferXzifer4 dagar sedan
  • "breaking into locations" i.e. call a drone, ride it in to the mission location, get back on drone, fly out. rinse repeat. still trying to find the fun in this game and can't get past the garbage. maybe a 60fps update will get me back in, but this definitely doesn't do it. anyone agree?

    Teh_Chosen_JuanTeh_Chosen_Juan4 dagar sedan
    • @Matty Mouse HAHAHA

      Teh_Chosen_JuanTeh_Chosen_Juan2 dagar sedan
    • Because you don’t know how to play it. Noob

      Matty MouseMatty Mouse3 dagar sedan
  • Boring!!

    ingolf1980ingolf19804 dagar sedan
  • Ugh starting all over again? No thanks. I'll try it yes, but I'm probably just keep waiting for Aiden to drop.

    SomeAustrianGuySomeAustrianGuy4 dagar sedan
    • ?😂😂 r u that lazy??

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • It wont delete your progress in singleplayer and getting new people in your Legion is much faster in online

      DanDeeDanDee4 dagar sedan
  • Just like in AC unity players will just go ham and open fire immediately right away forgetting the stealth and sneaky approach

    LylaLyla4 dagar sedan
    • Some modes you need to be stealth

      George PadronGeorge Padron3 dagar sedan
    • Imma give you that thug passion baby

      Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur3 dagar sedan
  • Tomb raider, (reboot) the first game; still has multiplayer. It's insane.

    Ellis FEllis F4 dagar sedan
    • Im not entirely sure what youre suggesting here. Its from 2013. Thats not that impressive

      DanDeeDanDee4 dagar sedan
  • 0:02 who in their sane mind would say that legions would have the same multiplayer has GTA 5 (?)

    Guilherme MenesesGuilherme Meneses4 dagar sedan
    • They gotta do better than this, there is a reason why Gta5 is still such a popular, online gaming experience even years later

      SwaggyTJM33 MatthewsSwaggyTJM33 Matthews4 dagar sedan
    • Because while multiplayer was a built in optional function of the singleplayer in previous Watch Dogs games, Legion's online is now standalone, meaning you need a whole new team and missions are exclusive to online

      DanDeeDanDee4 dagar sedan
  • all my 45 elders legion are ready

    Tosh RushTosh Rush4 dagar sedan
  • Grandma Gang

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson4 dagar sedan
  • Played this ages ago lol. Ubisoft keep inviting me to their shitty technical previews

    DarzoDarzo4 dagar sedan
  • I would love to be hanging with friends and a black car pulls up to kidnap someone, now me & the boys gotta go kill some kidnappers

    Mercenary GaryMercenary Gary4 dagar sedan
    • @jak pomrenke RP is lame & not at all the same thing. They could just make it a online mission in watch dogs, considering your people can be kidnapped in-game.

      Mercenary GaryMercenary Gary2 dagar sedan
    • @jak pomrenke everyone doesnt play pc

      xKingBxxKingBx3 dagar sedan
    • Literally any rp server for any game. Dayz, GTA5, Conan exiles, Rust, Arma. They're out there

      jak pomrenkejak pomrenke4 dagar sedan
  • Lame

    walking Blueswalking Blues4 dagar sedan
  • Really hoping for a 60fps mode on next gen. Especially with Multi player. Hard to go back at the best of times but watch dogs to now being 60fps on series x makes it even worse

    Paul Scott ThomasPaul Scott Thomas5 dagar sedan
    • wish they did the same for the One X and PS4 PRO since the game could be like in 1080p without RT and run 60fps on those to :/

      Fran NebuFran Nebu3 dagar sedan
    • Fr Ray tracing looks great in this game but honestly I'd take 60fps no rt for mutliplayer

      TheAlphaWolfTheAlphaWolf4 dagar sedan
    • WD2 is 60fps now. Surely Legion will get updated

      Mercenary GaryMercenary Gary4 dagar sedan
  • Sadly it gonna be rare to get people to work as a team.

    Christopher SimsChristopher Sims5 dagar sedan
    • Yeah it will have to be a personal group like they said

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • @DanDee as someone who's played lots of both of those with friends, teamwork never works lmao

      TheAlphaWolfTheAlphaWolf4 dagar sedan
    • Youd be surprised. I imagine itll be about as successful as doing co-op things in Ghost Recon and GTA Online

      DanDeeDanDee4 dagar sedan
  • This games just wasn’t it.

    Kunta KinteKunta Kinte5 dagar sedan
  • they still haven't fixed the saved progress bug where you lose some progresses

    Divinest BeatsDivinest Beats5 dagar sedan
    • Never happened to me

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • It’s fixed

      TwoToneStepTwoToneStep4 dagar sedan
    • Ever happened to me

      Damo_ Kesi_Damo_ Kesi_4 dagar sedan
  • *heads to LSIA*. Welp I guess I'm moving to London 2077

    Will FerWill Fer5 dagar sedan
  • And here I thought Penguinz0 nearly destroyed this franchise.

    RenovenceRenovence5 dagar sedan
    • I dont have Legion so I cant vouch for it, but Watch Dogs 2 is unironically one of my favorite games

      DanDeeDanDee4 dagar sedan
  • I am so ready for GTA 6

    dwayne jelksdwayne jelks5 dagar sedan
    • Yeah if you have a PS5

      Damo_ Kesi_Damo_ Kesi_4 dagar sedan
  • Wasn't this supposed to launch in December?

    Michael AngeloMichael Angelo5 dagar sedan
    • yeah they delayed it until now to fix every single bug

      Fran NebuFran Nebu3 dagar sedan
    • Most likely delayed it which is understandable

      ĀÑØŃĀÑØŃ4 dagar sedan
  • Really regret buying this the other day I picked it over fenyx too

    scoobywooscoobywoo5 dagar sedan
  • Watch dogs 2 is still the superior game. They changed so much in legion, that it is boring af. Once they remove the music playlist, I knew it was over.

    Kingkiba29Kingkiba295 dagar sedan
    • Spotify simple really :/

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • Realmente ame el Co-Op de Watch Dogs 2, siempre pensé, esto debería ser de 4 jugadores en el PvE, y aquí se cumplió, a ver si hacen servers repleto de jugadores para pasar el rato.

    LinkelPlaysLinkelPlays5 dagar sedan
  • And where is the long-term motivation???

    IDnoa QuasarIDnoa Quasar5 dagar sedan
  • Time to re download again

    f.akediorrf.akediorr5 dagar sedan
  • Finally

    Jupiter JaheimJupiter Jaheim5 dagar sedan
  • So it comes out march 9th

    White BucketsWhite Buckets5 dagar sedan
    • Yes idk about the season pass but people are saying it’s coming out with online

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
  • 🤢💩

    Felipe ZorziFelipe Zorzi5 dagar sedan
  • So this is when the Aiden DLC launches too.

    Leather HitmanLeather Hitman5 dagar sedan
    • @Tea Anyone? Assassin Creed is a lot different to watch dogs lol

      Danny MusicDanny Music2 dagar sedan
    • @Tea Anyone? Don't think so

      Danny MusicDanny Music2 dagar sedan
    • When the assassin comes out watch dogs will be more AC than the recent 2 AC Games

      Tea Anyone?Tea Anyone?2 dagar sedan
    • @Ahsoka Skywalker no it doesn't your a fool too will you shut up man

      Danny MusicDanny Music4 dagar sedan
    • They should go the division route instead of the gta online route.

      randomnobody playthroughrandomnobody playthrough4 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully it’s not the same objectives and missions over and over , if it is then it’s gonna get boring real quick

    Kozy KiddKozy Kidd5 dagar sedan
    • its ubisoft...

      Malachi WMalachi W2 dagar sedan
    • @Kozy Kidd lmao how naive. Fingers crossed 🤞 I

      MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90MRHappyHappyjoyjoy904 dagar sedan
    • @MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90 yea 🤦🏽‍♂️

      Kozy KiddKozy Kidd4 dagar sedan
    • lol you really think its gonna be any different?

      MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90MRHappyHappyjoyjoy904 dagar sedan
    • Dont get your Hope's up

      NuzxNuzx5 dagar sedan
  • So much stuff is coming out in March This JL Snyder Cut Godzilla vs Kong Mortal Kombat Hawkeye (If anyone is actually playing the Avengers game)

    arbknight12arbknight125 dagar sedan
    • @Matty Mouse what makes a game more interesting?

      Kristopher hayesKristopher hayes3 dagar sedan
    • The avengers game died like 2 days after coming out the game 100% boring as hell

      Matty MouseMatty Mouse3 dagar sedan
    • @Not OLI what makes you say that?

      Kristopher hayesKristopher hayes4 dagar sedan
    • @Kristopher hayes the game is dying

      Not OLINot OLI4 dagar sedan
    • Not to mention people hoping for among us?

      Kristopher hayesKristopher hayes5 dagar sedan
  • Ppl hate on watch dogs but I throughly enjoy this franchise. Hoping they keep building on it!

    Chris KingChris King5 dagar sedan
    • I’ve seen this one guy complain for the game not having stip clubs lmao

      HealsHeals3 dagar sedan
    • The first game is the best, 2 and legion are terrible

      TheGixLadTheGixLad4 dagar sedan
    • @Chris King I'm not hating on you or your opinions. I'm just giving alittle clarity to why people hate on this game. Ultimately the passionate people will have something to say be it negative or positive. Criticism and discussion sparks new interests and ideas.

      FPS OcelotFPS Ocelot4 dagar sedan
    • @FPS Ocelot *note that I was speaking about the franchise as a whole and not Legion. Everyone's a critic these days it seems. And if you're still purchasing EA or Activision games you are beyond help.

      Chris KingChris King4 dagar sedan
    • People hate on garbage sold at full price. I mean look at Saints Row 4, doesn't matter what the name of the game is.... Legion is boring af and the core game is a loop of "infiltrate a compound, hack a computer" literally every mission is redundant. On top of this they removed all the fun of hacking by forcing you to use one or two abilites per character rather than the previous titles approach of constantly upgrading and unlocking new hacks and skills. Enjoy the game all you want but it's the people who rightfully criticize the game who help make the next title better. Look at the state of sports games, thats what happens when consumers become complacent.

      FPS OcelotFPS Ocelot4 dagar sedan
  • Weirdly this is the worst watch dogs. Many hacking abilities are non existent from previous 2 games and npc's are no where near as immersive or as real as they were in WD2 and the fact you cant buy and customise guns is a big problem. And cant even call in cars with custom paint jobs, use radio on your phone while walking the streets, or even that cool feature to call police or cartel on any civilian to be taking out. Damn shame!!!!

    fishan 1996fishan 19965 dagar sedan
    • That was the old days of gaming time to grow up and play big boy games

      Matty MouseMatty Mouse3 dagar sedan
    • 2 way a much better game I agree 100 percent with every thing you said

      Nintendo FanboyNintendo Fanboy5 dagar sedan
  • They're not adding invasion...the best mode from the other games....

    CGCentral HDCGCentral HD5 dagar sedan
    • Just looked it up they r just later they have a lot planned for this game

      TMD-WTMD-W3 dagar sedan
    • They are it's just not in the first multiplayer update

      CommodoreMudkipCommodoreMudkip4 dagar sedan
    • They are tho... In an video from ubisoft they said invasion will be a thing.

      noobi masternoobi master5 dagar sedan
    • That blows

      Luke LeopardLuke Leopard5 dagar sedan
  • Would've loved to have just gotten coop for the main campaign.

    CReaper210CReaper2105 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah I forgot they where adding a multiplayer mode but it looks kinda meh tbh I was kind of wanting something a little bit different in multiplayer tho I doubt I’ll be trying it out tho unfortunately

    bob snowbob snow5 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait to not do anymore hacking and be forced to shoot goons and play as the spider-bot.

    Monty ZanderMonty Zander5 dagar sedan
  • It have a little something for everyone

    Elibbb1111Elibbb11115 dagar sedan
    • @Cyberleaf...cough sure

      No_Name Too_BadNo_Name Too_Bad4 dagar sedan
    • Except new single player content

      Luke LeopardLuke Leopard5 dagar sedan
    • It really makes you feel like a hacker.

      CyberleafCyberleaf5 dagar sedan
  • Putting the "hacking" in "hacking and slashing". *types away* "We're in...your sternum."

    Just Some Guy with a MustacheJust Some Guy with a Mustache5 dagar sedan
  • Ok now I'm kinda intrested

    Charles CarterCharles Carter5 dagar sedan
  • Is the season pass worth the $40?

    J e s u sJ e s u s5 dagar sedan
    • The games not even worth 40$ 💀

      Angry NiggaAngry Nigga4 dagar sedan
    • Not yet

      Electronic PuffinElectronic Puffin5 dagar sedan
    • I'd say since the season pass isn't getting released all at once then when it's all out yes especially if your an og watch dogs fan

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan
  • FINALLY! Now I can start playing this game.

    Jonathan LopezJonathan Lopez5 dagar sedan
    • Same

      Ginger ViruxGinger Virux2 dagar sedan
    • @White_Echo4001 Not all the way. Lol

      Jonathan LopezJonathan Lopez4 dagar sedan
    • Wait you didn’t play it

      White_Echo4001White_Echo40014 dagar sedan
  • It's about time Ubisoft.

    Allan PangAllan Pang5 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know when it releases yet?

    Space ViperSpace Viper5 dagar sedan
    • @Mogy73 • 16 Years and Why would I be sad enough to sit through a 6min video with useless info when could just ask the comment section and get a reply almost instantly

      Space ViperSpace Viper4 dagar sedan
    • and or I'm just messing with you psychologically hehe when is the release date again?

      Luke LeopardLuke Leopard5 dagar sedan
    • @Luke Leopard so your just blind. Cool, we have a deaf person and a blind person here. Or actually you might be deaf too

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan
    • But when does it release

      Luke LeopardLuke Leopard5 dagar sedan
    • Did you even watched the video? March 9th

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan
  • Third let’s go

    YouTube WatchYouTube Watch5 dagar sedan
  • I'm so excited for this Edit:and the season pass

    Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan
    • @Fran Nebu well I didn't

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and3 dagar sedan
    • @Mogy73 • 16 Years and he means that you wrote "excited" wrong at first

      Fran NebuFran Nebu3 dagar sedan
    • @Riot man what?

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and4 dagar sedan
    • @Mogy73 • 16 Years and I see u fixed it lol

      Riot manRiot man5 dagar sedan
    • @Riot man what

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan
  • Firstyyy

    Kerry TurnerKerry Turner5 dagar sedan
    • Wow you're extra special

      Luke LeopardLuke Leopard5 dagar sedan
    • @S J91 loll

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan
    • Congratulations kid wish I was 5 again

      S J91S J915 dagar sedan
    • No one cares

      Mogy73 • 16 Years andMogy73 • 16 Years and5 dagar sedan